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                                                        my beautiful room

                    ok ! thanks for viewing and clicking this page..hehehe. this is my first post for this page as i dont know what to write yet on this page..but my room is part of my life isnt it ?? well,, what i want to show here is my beautiful rent room at National University of know how much i need to pay for this room ??hehehe..small but comfortable enough for a sweet teenage girl like me..hahaha..teenage ke ???so  just scroll down if u wanna see it..

1- this is my private corner study, surfing, "karok" hahahaha and so on

2- and this is my "beradu place" hehehe

 p/s : actually, im not renting this room alone..ive got one roomate, shes nice and we've been stayed here since semester 1..we've got good chemistry thats why we dont want to move out..hahahaha

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