Monday, April 8, 2013

A true love !


           Pnah x korang rasa alone yg teramat sangat ? Kt rumah, asrama, u and sebagainya ? Dok ngn family, friends and everywhere still feels nothing ! U feel something is missing ? U feel no one cares and loves u ? U feel worse yet wanna die ? Its all in one. Ur in hurt but u didnt show it. Ur very good in acting. U smile and laugh pretend like nothing happens ! The one that u depending on hurting u without noticing it ! Damn hurt ! Its happen too fast and left too many deep scars that you not sure can heal or not someday ! Everythings u do doesnt matter for them as they dont see u. They always proud of someone else. U did great, u good on something they dont bother much ! U know why ? Its because of u ! Not someone else ! Its really hurt when u put a lots of effort to do somethings but people didnt see any of your hardwork ! Thats the time u wanna run away or die at that time too ! 

         You grew with such that situations till you dont know what does love mean ! You so numb when talk about love. U dont know how to feel being love and in love ! U know nothings ! Ur empty when it comes to love! U have been hurt so much, too much scars and you really scared !u cried a lots, but only deep inside your heart ! U try to cover it up with your stupid jokes and fake smiles ! How you wish to start all over again ! A new born ! Far away from people you know ! Far away from everythings . You just wish and wish and wish forever !

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