Monday, April 8, 2013

A journey of life !


   Cuti mid sem da start ! Cm biasa student pon smua da ilang. My blok just ad ak ngn Mia je (ex-roomates ak) skrg dok sblh2 je..hehe. Bnyak bnda blaku dalam 3 bulan yg ptama tahun 2013 nie. Sdar x sdar masa pon blalu dgn cepatnya. Just a few months left before im graduating. Perasaan? Sedih plus worried ! Sedih sebab xblh nak jumpa friends and dok goyang kaki g tnggu duit masok. Worried sbb still single walopon da nak grad. Haha. Selalu org ckp time u nie la time yg sesuai pancing sana sini sbb ad bnyak masa. Time kerja so busy n dont have much time la. So mungkin ak pancing x kena n da takdir kot. Ngee.

  still have lots of thing to do  before grad. Dgn SPI nya yg x lengkap. Kalo student UKM mesti tau da SPI tu ap ? Bnda pling rumit, leceh, bnyak songeh and so on. Ak sendiri pon bru 7 je yg ad dlm sistem. Bpuluh2 prog da join nak cukupkn 8 pon smpai skrg x g.adoyaii ! x campur g ngn assignmntnya, programnya n projeknya (CESMED). But when it comes to CESMED..its not a burden actually as i LOVE to do it. I like to talk n i like everythings based on business. To be honest, i like MONEY !!!hehe. So CESMED not troubled me much !

  but lots of things happen these few months. And i learnt n changed a lots ! I did my mistakes n i learnt from it ! People judged me n hurting me ! I learnt that too. It changes me in a good way, well i hope so. Ngee. Thats life. It will turn u upside down. It created u to be someone else, more stronger than before !
I would like to go on details about what happening these few months but my eyes wont let me ! My bed is calling me and trust me. I always obey them no matter what ! So better i stop now. 


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